About the Authors

John Mindermann

John Mindermann’s thirty-year career as a police officer and FBI Special Agent pitted him against a crime panorama thieves, violent thugs, murderous predators, and a US president. As a street cop with the SFPD, he patrolled San Francisco’s roughest beats. In the FBI, he was a firearms and defensive tactics instructor, and leader of the first Washington, DC, FBI SWAT Team. At Quantico’s Behavioral Science Unit, he specialized in violence avoidance, creating and teaching the Crisis Intervention and Police Stress programs. He has a BS from San Francisco State University and an MS from American University.

Brian Solon

Brian Solon is a writer and editor whose works include Think Big Act Small, Ignited, Love At First Cut, Illegal Beings, and The Road To Reality. He grew up in Northern California, studied music at UC Berkeley, and produced the global launch of Star Trek with director JJ Abrams and Paramount Pictures. He has a JD from Santa Clara University, and an MBA from Haas Business School.

“What is stress? What effect does stress have on police officers?”

How did the FBI shut down and occupy the White House?

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